Shotty "I'm Glad It's Over" (video)

Shotty 'I'm Glad It's Over' (video)
Seattle-formed, Los Angeles-based garage pop two-piece Shotty have shared a brand new clip for "I'm Glad It's Over," though the visuals are a blast from the past.

A press release for the video notes the duo's creation of "atmospheric juxtapositions between the banal mental state of a groundhog's day existence and the escapist fantastical world of videogames." Basically, we get to see the band jamming out in a tiny room (complete with a Pokémon drum kit), interspersed with footage from the exciting world of vintage videogames.

Cameos from the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog, Mortal Kombat, Legend of Zelda and Shaq Fu are also present, making it a nostalgia trip for anyone who can remember the '90s.

The duo are currently working on a series of EPs with producer Norm Block, which are scheduled for release later this year and into 2015, and you can order the "I'm Glad It's Over" single over here. Check out the clip for that same song in the player below.