Shmu "Royals" (Lorde cover) / "Mollasacre"

Shmu 'Royals' (Lorde cover) / 'Mollasacre'
Zorch singer/drummer Sam Chown is getting back to his solo grind tomorrow (January 28) when he issues his new Shmu EP Chroma Key, but ahead of that release you can check out his playfully skewed take on Grammy-winning pop singer Lorde's "Royals."

Though shimmering electronic chimes and familiar melodies course through the cover, the wildly speaker-bouncing mix on the song whip its percussive pots-and-pans clank and Chown's harmonious vocal layering into a perfect storm of pop chaos. It'll make you dizzier than downing bottle after bottle of Grey Goose, but you can stream the send-up down below.

As an added bonus, you can also check out Shmu's own "Mollasacre," a synth-choppin, bass-poppin' slice of electro-funk, as a last-minute tease to his own Chroma Key, which is being issued by Grand Theft Zamboni. You'll find the futuristic floor-filler beneath the cover.