Shmu "Hold On, We're Going Home" (Drake cover) / "Pictionary" (live-in-studio video)

Shmu 'Hold On, We're Going Home' (Drake cover) / 'Pictionary' (live-in-studio video)
Taking a more straightforward stab at the covers game (check out his schizoid version of Lorde's "Royals"), Zorch's manic beat wizard, vocalist and Flaming Lips fwend, Sam Chown, picks up his Shmu solo mantle for a groove-amped edition of Drake's smooth mega-hit "Hold On, We're Going Home."

This self-described "yacht-y dream pop" iteration raises the song's wriggling bass line to the forefront, spices up the drums and swaths Drake's hooky melody in a gauze of spacey sound textures. The result is impressive enough to give even the staunchest of unbelievers cause to reconsider the arguably overhyped MC.

The world of Shmu is set to expand in a big way in the coming months. A new online home base recently launched at with a limited time offer of a personalized song for those that sign up for the busy artist's mailing list, which also comes with the promise of unreleased material and other goodies.

Explaining the motivation behind the idea, Chown says, "It's not enough for an artist to make a great record anymore, you also have to have a killer live show as well as offer a unique 'outside of the box' experience."

To demonstrate just how much value Shmu places on performance, Chown also gave us an exclusive look at the newly expanded live band lineup with an in-studio version of the more traditionally rock-oriented track "Pictionary," intended for the follow-up to this year's Chroma Key EP.

You can hear the slippery, muscular Drake cover below and watch the video for "Pictionary" beneath it, and while Shmu doesn't currently have any Canadian tour dates, Zorch is hitting Lee's Palace in Toronto on Saturday (August 30).