Sheepdogs Siblings Ewan and Shamus Currie Announce LP as BROS

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Sep 16, 2016

Sheepdogs members Ewan and Shamus Currie have shorn themselves from the rest of the pack to deliver an album under the DNA-accurate name of BROS. The siblings' side-project issues debut collection Vol. 1 on October 14, via Dine Alone.

A press release explains that the duo set to work on the album shortly after moving to Toronto from Saskatoon in the winter of 2014. The brothers used a bit of downtime to experiment with a series of songs that drew influence from funk, Badfinger, and South American psych icons Os Mutantes.

"We had a bit of a kitchen sink approach to a bunch of these tunes," Shamus explained in a statement. "We'd just go back and forth layering more ideas on until we created these musical collages. We love the sound of those over-produced records from the late 60's and 70's when people like the Beatles and the Beach Boys were going crazy with overdubs. We loaded these songs with as many hooks and homages and pieces of ear candy as possible."

After amassing enough material, the pair entered Thomas D'Arcy's Taurus Recording facility in Toronto to track a 10-song debut. Somehow, the record includes cuts called "Scooby Doobie," and "Boogar Sugre." You'll find a stream of pretty plainly-titled lead single "Tell Me" down below, courtesy of American Songwriter.

While Shamus Currie had been a touring member of the Sheepdogs, he fully entered the fold during the making of last year's Future Nostalgia, which had been prepped after he and his brother made the BROS LP.

Vol. 1:

1. Tell Me
2. Brazil
3. Sometimes You Got To Be Sad
4. Flight 714
5. Watch Who You're Talking To
6. Couldn't Hear A Thing
7. Scooby Doobie
8. Two Chords
9. Boogar Sugre
10. Hopelessly


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