The Shanks "German Heavy Metal Girl" (video)

The Shanks 'German Heavy Metal Girl' (video)
Soon after last year's Surfing the Lexicon, Ontario rock duo the Shanks released a stand-alone single (via Squirtgun Records) with the tracks "When My Ship Hits Christmas Day" and "German Heavy Metal Girl." Now, the latter cut has got its own music video.

The clip shows the hirsute gentlemen of the Shanks receiving a package in the mail. It contains the aforementioned 7-inch, plus a bottle of liquor. They pour themselves a drink, and visions inside of their glasses transport us into a side-plot involving the titular German woman. We also see the Shanks perform while getting wet in the bathroom. Usurpingly, mixing water and electrified rock'n'roll turns out to be a bad idea.

The video was directed by Scott Montgomery, and you can check it out below.