Seefeel's 'Quique' Receives Vinyl Reissue via Light in the Attic

Seefeel's 'Quique' Receives Vinyl Reissue via Light in the Attic
Electronic shoegaze trailblazers Seefeel unexpectedly returned a couple of years back with their first album since the mid-'90s. Having done so, the British band are now revisiting their celebrated early work with a vinyl reissue of 1993's landmark Quique. It will be out on August 27 through Light in the Attic and its Modern Classics Recordings series, in conjunction with Medical Records.

While the initial release included a vinyl edition, this is the first time the album has been reissued on wax; it follows an two-CD Redux Edition from 2007. There's no bonus material this time around, although the album's lengthy running time of more than an hour requires it to be split across two records.

The album was recorded in an attic studio in London, and it is entirely instrumental except for wordless vocals. An announcement notes, "The London quartet's debut album (pronounced 'keek') is a dreamy confluence of dub, abstract electronic music and minimalist composition techniques, and remains a touchstone record in the ambient and shoegaze movements."

The reissue will be houses in an expanded gatefold sleeve. There will be 1,000 copies on blue wax, and these will be distributed randomly among the other copies. Pre-order a copy here.


1. Climactic Phase #3
2. Polyfusion
3. Industrious
4. Imperial
5. Plainsong
6. Charlotte's Mouth
7. Through You
8. Filter Dub
9. Signals