Secret Pyramid's 'The Silent March' Gets Vinyl Reissue via Students of Decay

Secret Pyramid's 'The Silent March' Gets Vinyl Reissue via Students of Decay
Vancouver drone experimenter Secret Pyramid (a.k.a. Amir Abbey) originally released his album The Silent March back in 2011 as a cassette for Nice Up International. Now, three years later, it's getting pressed on vinyl by Students of Decay. This will coincide with a double-CD reissue of the same album in a package with 2013's Movements of Night. Both will be out on November 11.

A press release compares The Silent March to Flying Saucer Attack and Popol Vuh, describing the seven tracks as "reverb-drenched songforms and titanic edifices of drone." Its arrangements include expansive ambient textures, distortion and even some acoustic guitar. This version of the album features an improved mixdown by Abbey, plus remastering from James Plotkin.

Scroll past the tracklist below to hear a three-song sampler. The first 100 pre-orders of the LP will come with a bonus copy of Secret Pyramid's forthcoming live cassette, Into the Black. It's available to order here.

As for Movements of Night, it previously came out on vinyl, and an announcement describes it like this: "Juxtaposing the everyday with the obscured, the half-there melodies and arcs of hazy guitar histrionics dissolve into a more familiar, tangible atmosphere in which radiant drones are tethered to a driving bassline."

The Silent March:

1. Outside
2. Come Down Gently
3. Still Return
4. Silent March I
5. Her Spirits
6. Eternal
7. Silent March II