Seaweed Reform!

Seaweed Reform!
Okay, so maybe it won't rattle the music industry the way announcements concerning the rebirth of Smashing Pumpkins and the Police did, but not-forgotten Tacoma, WA-based grunge punks Seaweed have announced they'll reunite for a gig in September. That calls for a high five!

Forming in 1989, Seaweed went on to release three albums for Sub Pop in the '90s, including modest breakthough Four (which has recently been brought back to light in Magnet's recent 75 Lost Classics feature). Like many bands that emerged from the Seattle/grunge explosion, they signed a major label deal with Hollywood for fourth album Spanaway, but were dropped after disappointing sales. They had a minor hit with a cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Go Your Own Way" when it appeared on the Clerks soundtrack and in 1999 they re-emerged for Actions and Indications (released on Merge), but split soon after.

According to their MySpace page, guitarist Wade Neal confirmed their reunion, as well as that "the best Seaweed album is yet to come."

His announcement reads:

"Wade Neal here. Well, the reunion show is a go.

All rumors are true. Seaweed is getting it together to do a reunion show at Bumbershoot, Seattle's greatest music festival. Date/place/time is September 2 at the EMP Sky Church-9:30 PM.

The band is shockingly thrilled to get back together and play in front of our friends and fans once again. All members have returned except they are now playing with long-time friend Jesse Fox of Polecat and Leuko, two excellent NW bands.

Also Jesse and I are working hard on new tracks as well in a shack in South Tacoma--demos should be complete by the end of summer.

The best Seaweed album is yet to come. Tentative title-Small Engine Repair.

The forces of rock coalesce!"

What's that? You've forgotten what Seaweed sound like? Well check out their classic anti-bike theft public announcement/nifty video for 1993's "Kid Candy" here.