SBTRKT "Higher" (ft. Raury)

SBTRKT 'Higher' (ft. Raury)
Facemask-favouring UK producer SBTRKT will be delivering his sophomore LP, Wonder Where We Land, in just a couple of weeks. Before it hits, though, you can take in the luscious electronic soundscape of the artist's "Higher."

Despite a trove of ticking production touches, a bed of speaker-panning synths and sci-fi droning, the arrangement plays relatively subtle. This, in turn, puts the focus on guest vocalist Raury, who raps and sings his way through the cut about deadbeat dads ("motherfucker, you missed out"), vices like sex and drugs, and more.

You'll catch Raury and SBTRKT taking themselves to a higher plain down below. Wonder Where We Land touches down September 22 through Young Turks.

SBTRKT also has North American tour dates on the horizon, including a pair of dates in Toronto. You can peep the details here.