Saukrates featuring Andreena Mill "Hot Like The Summer"

Saukrates featuring Andreena Mill 'Hot Like The Summer'
Since he emerged as a recording artist in the mid 90s, Toronto MC Saukrates has crafted a career as one of Canada's most talented, consistent and respected hip-hop artists. In 2009 in particular, his profile has been almost as high as it's ever been, including the days when he was signed to Def Jam in the U.S. Though it's been a full decade since he dropped The Underground Tapes, Saukrates has never been far from the spotlight through his work as a producer, vocalist, featured appearances and the releases of under-the-radar singles.

"Hot Like The Summer" is the latest of those releases and reaffirms why Saukrates has maintained his relevance. Over a hauntingly soulful backdrop provided by Grammy-nominated Toronto production crew Tone Mason and a stirring chorus provided by the fast-rising Andreena Mill, Saukrates delivers a rewind-worthy introspective lyrical performance. With his authoritative yet laid-back delivery, Saukrates starts with a spiritually-infused philosophical tone, later unfurling into a pointed narrative about familial struggle and a dedication to perseverance. Showcasing his gift for succinct yet visually rich writing (after all, he does name check Hemingway as an inspiration here), "Hot Like the Summer" stays true to its title and whets the appetite for the (really) long awaited Season One full-length.

Download Saukrates' "Hot Like The Summer" here.