Saturdays 'Sadder Days' (album stream)

Saturdays 'Sadder Days' (album stream)
Following a series of live shows, Vancouver-area three-piece Saturdays are letting loose their first full-length statement. Coming with the title Sadder Days, you can hear the group's debut album now.

If you're wondering about that band name — and corresponding album title — the band have cleared up any confusion by explaining the following:  "Why are we called Saturdays? Saturday is the most anticipated day of the week, but always the most disappointing."

And as you'll hear down below, the same sentiment is reflected in Saturday's music, which "sounds really happy, but all the lyrics are kind of a bummer." This definitely holds true on tracks such as "Surf Wax," "Happy Days" and "Graves" — all of which come loaded with giddy guitar fuzz but also an undercurrent of sad-pop vibes.

It's also fitting then that the album features a killer cover of Daniel Johnston's classic "Speeding Motorcycle," complete with "whoa oh oh" gang chants.

Sadder Days was recorded and mixed by Vancouver pop hero Jay Arner and is out now. You can stream it all below.