Sargent House Founder Cathy Pellow "Stepping Away" Following Abuse Allegations

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Mar 25, 2023

The founder of American record label and management company Sargent House has announced she is "stepping away from" the company and closing its management arm following allegations of abusive behaviour.

A statement from Cathy Pellow, shared this afternoon via Sargent House's North American and European Instagram accounts, finds her apologizing to Henry Kohen of Mylets and "any past employees or artists who have been negatively impacted by my actions."

Pellow writes, in part, "I've been too oblivious and unaware of the harm that my behaviour has caused, I know that doesn't excuse the facts and I take responsibility for any pain I brought to those around me. I feel ashamed and am truly remorseful."

Kohen detailed allegations against Pellow in a statement and accompanying video published March 20, aiming to address "an undeniable culture and pattern of behaviour that is ingrained in the foundation of Sargent House that needs to be addressed."

In addition to detailing alleged personal experiences, Kohen claims he "witnessed routine extreme degradation and verbal abuse of employees and artists, intentional belittling and manipulation leading to rivalries and insecurities within the artist-base, blatant and even proudly misogynistic language surrounding the 'acquisition' of emotionally-vulnerable female artists, purposeful withholding of financial information except when making vague allusions to how indebted the artists were to [Pellow], open disdain for the fan bases of bands, forceful and targeted breaking of artists and employee's personal boundaries, and an all-encompassing process of 'othering' that instilled a constant feeling of paranoia."

"I have no ambitions to 'cancel' Cathy, to shut down Sargent House, no feelings of vindictiveness," Kohen's statement reads. "What I am asking for is for there to be an acknowledgement of past behaviours in order to assure any artists, employees, or fans that this type of systematic treatment is no longer tolerable and that those who have been hurt can get accountability without the fear of having to put themselves on the line legally or financially and without having to revisit existentially embarrassing or hurtful times of their lives."

Pellow writes in her statement, "I am the only one that can account for my actions, so I ask that people direct their anger or disappointment towards me and not toward any of the artists associated past or present. I hope fans of the music released through Sargent House can separate my shortcomings from the work done for and by the artists that we all love and cherish, they should not take any blame for this."

Find both Kohen and Pellow's statements below.

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