Sarah Neufeld "Untitled" on Exclaim! TV

Sarah Neufeld 'Untitled' on Exclaim! TV
Sarah Neufeld has had quite the year; she provided strings for the Luyas' excellent new album, Animator, and she's been in the studio with her main band, Arcade Fire, gearing up for their follow up to the Polaris Music Prize-winning The Suburbs. On top of all that, Neufeld is preparing to release a solo album in 2013 composed of instrumental violin compositions.

Exclaim! TV caught up with Neufeld before her performance at the Drake Hotel in November, where the composer treated us with a performance of a new and yet-to-be-titled piece which will likely be on her upcoming solo album. You can watch the performance below.

Filmed and edited by Katherine Kwan
Second camera by Roberto Granados-Ocon