Sally Shapiro Announce My Guilty Pleasure Remixes

Sally Shapiro Announce <i>My Guilty Pleasure Remixes</i>
Last summer, Swedish Italo disco group (yes, group) Sally Shapiro released their sophomore album, My Guilty Pleasure, through Canada's Paper Bag Records. Now, they've decided it's time to give us a little more: on April 20, Sally Shapiro will release a remix EP of the album on Paper Bag Digital.

The eight-track EP will feature remixes of My Guilty Pleasure tracks by CFCF, Bottin, Lovelock, FM Attack, Bogdan Irkuk, Bostro Pesopeo, Boat Club and Low Motion Disco.

My Guilty Pleasure Remixes isn't the outfit's first remix EP: their debut album, Disco Romance, was followed by a pair of 2008 remix efforts dubbed Remix Romance Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.

To see what's in store for the new My Guilty Pleasure Remixes, you can download a "Megamix" preview here.

  My Guilty Pleasure Remixes:

1. "Save Your Love" (Lovelock Remix)
2. "Looking At The Stars" (FM Attack Remix)
3. "Love In July" (CFCF Remix)
4. "Miracle" (Bogdan Irkük Remix)
5. "My Fantasy" (Bottin Remix)
6. "Love In July" (Bostro Pesopeo Remix)
7. "Swimming Through The Blue Lagoon" (Boat Club Remix)
8. "Let It Show" (Low Motion Disco Remix)