s / s / s "Museum Day"

s / s / s 'Museum Day'
The collaborative trio of Sufjan Stevens, Serengeti and Son Lux are aptly creating music under the moniker s / s / s, and they've just released a new track called "Museum Day."

Featuring innovative instrumentation courtesy of Son Lux, plus Stevens's digitized croon and rhymes from Serengeti, the new tune is an intriguing listen that doesn't sound like much else out there. For those wondering how this meeting of the minds came about, Stevens and Serengeti first met while contributing to a tune for Canadian hip-hopper Buck 65.

The brand new track comes from the forthcoming s / s / s EP Beak & Claw, which will be released on March 20 via Anticon.

Listen to "Museum Day" in the player below.