Rydell "Running Back to You"

Rydell 'Running Back to You'
Ottawa-based punks Rydell are ready to unveil a brand new track titled "Running Back to You," and Exclaim! is giving you the exclusive first listen.
Blurring the lines between nostalgia for the emo and pop-punk sounds of scenes past and the band's desire to keep moving forward, their latest offering perfectly captures the group at the precipice of a new creative chapter. An upcoming EP titled Nothing Feels Like Home hears them embracing the future with a loving nod to the past, and "Running Back to You" is a perfect preview of that in-the-moment incarnation.
Whether "reminiscing of lost love, newly found love or love never found," listeners will surely find some sentiment to relate — and rock out — to in the emotional vocals, melodic guitar lines and driving drums.
Nothing Feels Like Home is set for release in July. Before it arrives in its entirety, give "Running Back to You" a listen in the player below.