Ryan Adams Teases New Album

"Records are funny creatures sometimes, they wake you up like they can't wait to just get born"
Ryan Adams Teases New Album
Though he delivered his Prisoner LP last year, Ryan Adams isn't resting on his laurels. After sharing a number of recording updates through social media these past few weeks, Adams has seemingly finished a new album.

Taking to Twitter today, Adams wrote that he has "11 songs tracked and vocals done" for a new disc, adding, "records are funny creatures sometimes they wake you up like they can't wait to just get born." His most recent message also included a snippet of new music.

Adams indicated that there were "new songs blossoming" at his PaxAm studios back in the middle of February. One week ago, Adams revealed he had "2 songs done. 9 to go" starting the month of March. He wrote to fans that the new material "is the sound we were looking for. It's something like a dream woven from the records we love most."

Find all of Adams' update posts below. He last released single "Baby I Love You" back on Valentine's Day.

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