Russian Futurists "Cochineal Red" (ft. Jeremy Greenspan)

Russian Futurists 'Cochineal Red' (ft. Jeremy Greenspan)
Synth-geared Toronto project the Russian Futurists took five years to release its latest album, 2010's The Weight's on the Wheels, and while there's no word as to when or if Matthew Adam Hart will drop a follow-up, he's tided us over by releasing a new single called "Cochineal Red."

The song features Johnny Greenspan of Junior Boys. It's an upbeat synth-pop track made up of four-on-the-floor beats, shimmering electronics, and some chopped-up and processed vocals towards the end that sound just a touch like "Baby" by the Biebs.

"Cochineal Red" is available through Upper Class Recordings. Stream it below [via Stereogum].