Royal Trux "Junkie Nurse"/"Back to School" (live from Berserkertown)

Royal Trux 'Junkie Nurse'/'Back to School' (live from Berserkertown)
Last month, Jennifer Herrema and Neil Hagerty got back onstage together for their first performance as Royal Trux in 14 years. In case you couldn't make it down to California's Berserktown II festival, a pair of pro-shot videos from the reunion show have been put up online.

First up is a fabulously slap-dash "Junkie Nurse," pulled from the band's 1992 self-titled LP. Hagerty offers up some rip-roaring guitar fuzz on the cut, and quickly starts up a duet with Herrema, who kicks up her legs while seated on a drum riser before stalking the stage and collapsing to the ground.

The pair's perfectly imperfect, oft-mumbled tag-team vocal style is likewise brought to a performance of "Back to School," which also finds the scratchy-voiced Herrema splayed out. Later on in the slow jam, Hagerty's juxtaposes the easy groove with a furious hammer-on solo, while his partner in crime sips from a plastic cup.

It's a bit weird, and a little sloppy, just like you might expect. You can see Royal Trux doing their thing down below.