Róisín Murphy "Let Me Know"

Róisín Murphy 'Let Me Know'
How superb it is to see Britain’s (arguably) most idiosyncratic and underappreciated mainstream solo artist not only return, but with yet another staggering effort before year’s end. After 2005’s brilliant debut, Ruby Blue, Róisín Murphy proved Moloko’s success over the years was all due to her exquisite fabulousness. This second single from her forthcoming sophomore album, Overpowered (due out October 15 in the UK on EMI; no release date here yet), shows she’s eschewed a lot of Ruby Blue’s peculiar studio trickery for something much more commercially viable. A collaboration with Groove Armada’s Andy Cato, "Let Me Know” borrows deeply from ’90s disco house, lacing it with skittish synths and an uplifting chorus. It’s the most accessible piece of music Murphy’s released since 2003’s "Familiar Feeling” - a sign that she’s ripe to surpass her former group’s past triumphs. To boot, the video shows she can bring high fashion to the greasiest spoon out there.

P.S. Don’t miss out on downloading Overpowered outtake, "Modern Timing” - available from EMI for a limited time only.