Róisín Murphy "Jealousy (House Mix)" / "Jealousy (Disco Mix)"

Róisín Murphy 'Jealousy (House Mix)' / 'Jealousy (Disco Mix)'
Not only does Róisín Murphy have an album called Hairless Toys on the way on May 11, but she's releasing a dance 12-inch on March 16 through Crosstown Rebels.

The single is called "Jealousy," and two versions of it are included on the vinyl. These are respectively tagged "House Mix" and "Disco Mix," and both begin with echoing vocal intros. The former settles into a nine-minute groove with a repetitive three-note synth figure, while the latter is close to 12 minutes long and is filled with choppy guitar strums and funky bass.

Hear them both below [via Fact].