R.I.P. 'Herohill'

R.I.P. 'Herohill'
Halifax-based blog Herohill has become a staple of the Canadian music world over the past decade, but the folks behind the website have now announced that it will be shutting down.

In a lengthy goodbye post, founder Bryan Acker — who co-runs the site with Shane Nadeau — explained that his passion for blogging about music has waned as of late.

He wrote, "Last week proved the truth I've avoided for the last year; writing about music is more of an obligation than anything else. I can't pinpoint when I stopped enjoying writing about bands, I just know it happened, and no matter what I've tried the joy I took from writing is gone. herohill slowly became a job that paid nothing, and any perks it offered became less and less rewarding."

The blog specialized in album reviews but also shared songs and videos, held contests, wrote about little-known bands, and more.

Acker wrote an overview of the site's history, from its inception during the formative years of blogging to its increased renown across Canada thanks to its series of provincially focused compilations in 2006. Over the years, the founders have hosted showcases, curated original collections of covers, and been jurors for various music prizes.

In the coming weeks, Acker promises to post 10 essays, each one about a record that has had a profound impact on his life. He also posted his Top 10 list of albums from 2013, with Jim Guthrie's Takes Time coming in at No. 1.