R.I.P. Cynthia Dall

R.I.P. Cynthia Dall
Sad news has come via word that American indie singer-songwriter Cynthia Dall has died. According to her label Drag City, Dall passed away on Thursday (April 5), though the cause of death has yet to be revealed. She was 41.

While Dall released a few solo records, the Sacramento, CA-born musician first popped up singing on Smog's "Wine Stained Lips," the B-side to 1994's "A Hit" seven-inch single. The performance was the first in a series of collaborations between Dall and Bill Callahan, with the former also appearing on Smog's Burning Kingdom EP, Wild Love and The Doctor came at Dawn. Dall also toured with the project.

Dall's Untitled was issued through Drag City in 1996, and featured guitar and vocal contributions from Callahan and production work from Jim O'Rourke. She followed the debut six years later with Sound Restores Young Men.

In a touching tribute written by Drag City, the imprint noted that Dall had reached out to them recently with news of new material.

"When Cynthia rang us the week before last with an update on the progress of new demos, we were glad to know it; glad to think of her getting her music together and to think of another chapter in the Dall Saga," the label wrote today (April 9). "It is stunning not merely because of the loss of that vision and that unheard record; more stunning and hurtful is to know that we will won't be talking to her anymore. A light has gone from this world -- and we hope you will join us in hoping that it has gone to place of greater peace."

On top of her musical achievements (including a 1998 remix of "Torture Day" by German outfit the Notwist), Dall was a noted photographer whose work was regularly seen in the Rollerderby zine. Her relationship with Drag City was also strengthened through the cover art she provided for Royal Trux's Dogs of Love in 1993.

You can read Drag City's full post about Dall's passing here.