Rilo Kiley "Emotional" (video)

Rilo Kiley 'Emotional' (video)
Earlier this year, Rilo Kiley gave their fans a parting gift via their Rkives rarities collection, and have now offered up another stroll through memory lane with a video for its "Emotional."

Set to the band's yearning, lightly fuzzed-up tune, the clip collects all sorts of archival footage, from black and white shots of rollercoaster rides, to more humbling scenes of people laughing and crying. Set some time aside to remember the Los Angeles indie rock crew and give the Austin Nagler-directed video a peep down below.

"The video makes me think of the way Bill Hicks would often end his act by saying 'The world is like a ride at an amusement park,'" Nagler said in a statement. "When I originally cut the video, I put footage of Hicks performing that quote with half of it before the vid and the other half after."