Riff Raff "Kokayne" (prod. by Diplo)

Riff Raff 'Kokayne' (prod. by Diplo)
With Riff Raff's long-delayed NEON iCON now set for a June 24 release through Mad Decent, the heavily braided rapper has decided to tease a new single that finds label boss Diplo behind the beat. You can check out the pair's oddly punky "Kokayne" collabo now.

If the song title didn't tip you off, the track finds Riff Raff singing about staying up all night after sniffing white lines with his buds. The song takes a distorted rap-rock direction, with simple, distorted guitar melodies flying beneath an arsenal of one-liners referencing Dolly Parton, Aston Martins and Taco Bell, as well as confirming that it will cost you a trunk load of money to shake the Neon Icon's hand.

It's a very bizarre track for an already bizarre pop culture figure, and plays out like a long-lost Transplants B-side. If you didn't already feel all numb inside at the thought of this, you can check out "Kokayne" in the player down below.