Riff Raff "Aquaberry Dolphin" (ft. Mac Miller)

Riff Raff 'Aquaberry Dolphin' (ft. Mac Miller)
Later this month, Riff Raff is finally set to deliver his long-awaited, long-delayed NEON iCON album. We've already had plenty to nibble on from the record, and today we get another taste with the new song "Aquaberry Dolphin."

The song features Mac Miller on some verses, and the guest also contributes in the beat department, producing the song under his Larry Fisherman alter-ego. The result is a mix of creeping synth bass, held-back drums and plenty of dolphin samples — a perfect backdrop for some lyrical weirdness.

Check out "Aquaberry Dolphin" below. NEON iCON arrives on June 24 release through Mad Decent.