Riff Raff "Air Canada" (ft. DollaBillGates) (video)

Riff Raff 'Air Canada' (ft. DollaBillGates) (video)
Undoubtedly confusing-yet-hysterical rapper RiFF RAFF recently made his way into Canada for some live dates, and the experience was apparently a good one, as he's used the trip for fodder in his new, up-north salutin' song "Air Canada."

The video is a mish-mash of live clips and shots of the dude dancing by a snowpile with some board goggles resting upon his corn-rowed crown. The hook is hilariously undercooked, with a simple synth melody scoring a mumbly homage to both himself and our major cities.

It's possible he's giving a shout out to the Montreal Jazz ("Playin' so hard they figure I ball for Montreal"), and he lets us know he's got more ice than Edmonton. We're not sure what he said about Vancouver, but we think it's about rims. DollaBillGates also chimes in with a verse about getting through customs in his custom whip. Genius. You can check it out below.