Ricked Wicky "Poor Substitute" (video)

Ricked Wicky 'Poor Substitute' (video)
Over 30 years into his career, Robert Pollard remains one of indie rock's most celebrated figures. As the former singer for Guided By Voices and driving force of a proper solo career and Ricked Wicky, he's just about one of the most prolific and celebrated songwriters of our time. Now, a video for Ricked Wicky single "Poor Substitute" has a bunch of comedians doing their best to match the stage moves of the former school teacher. The, uh, song title says it all.

As you'll see down below, it first finds Childrens Hospital star Rob Cordry awkwardly swingin' a mike around and trying his best to maintain Pollard's flamingo-style posture. He doesn't really get it, nor do actors Seth Morris (Childrens Hospital), Nate Cordry and Matt Jones (Breaking Bad), even after pounding back a bunch of booze. Poor substitutes, indeed, but fun to watch nonetheless.

"Poor Substitute" is pulled from Ricked Wicky's recent Swimmer to a Liquid Armchair, which arrived through GBV Inc. last Friday (September 25).

The Cordrys and Jones had previously appeared in the video to Guided by Voices' "Planet Score."