Rick White Releases Third Solo Album, His Most Epic Yet

Rick White Releases Third Solo Album, His Most Epic Yet
Now that Eric's Trip is all on again, off again, eternally long-haired front-man Rick White has gone back to his solo material, this time for his third album under the Rick White Album moniker, entitled 137.

The release, which is on Ontario-based Blue Fog Recordings with the above image as the cover, is available as a digital download and can also be found as a physical release at White's shows and from the Sonic Unyon website.

137 was recorded at White's own studio in rural Ontario and is a 21-track album described by Sonic Unyon as "faster, noisier and more diverse" than his other two solo efforts, 2005's The Rick White Album and 2007's Memoreaper. The label also points out, "It's also his longest record to date. With a total of 21 tracks, this is White's most epic release yet."

It's also worth noting the interests listed on White's MySpace page, just because, well, they're hilarious: "Other interests of mine include; making things out of naturally fallen wood, taking photos, collecting 'magic' sticks, the moon, sleep experiments, cat analysis, hiding from made up and actual horrors, walking through forest, snow, sunrise, pain management, creating, being, searching for.... trying not to search for......................"


1. "Me And My Pillow"

2. "Eerie Acquaintance"

3. "Back Home"

4. "Belief"

5. "One And Two"

6. "Spring Break"

7. "Perception"

8. "Dark Brown"

9. "Invisibility"

10. "The Way"

11. "Cruel Song"

12. "It's Just The Pass"

13. "Infinite Disguise"

14. "Manifestation"

15. "Rain Pt. 3"

16. "Smoke Signals"

17. "Three"

18. "Its Time Has Come"

19. "To Leave"

20. "Grey Remains"

21. "137"