Rich Kidd ft. Junia T. "Hypnotic"

Rich Kidd ft. Junia T. 'Hypnotic'
If you've been paying any attention to Toronto hip-hop over the past few months, you'll know that Rich Kidd has seemed like an inescapable force. He's flooded the market with his talent, supplying beats for artists like Drake, Saukrates and King Reign with K-OS' "I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman" arguably his most prominent production credit.

But his rep is beginning to extend beyond the GTA. Notoriously, Busta Rhymes' "Undescribable" with M.O.P.'s Billy Danze used one of Rich Kidd's beats without permission and noted producer 9th Wonder recently urged people on his Twitter feed to get into Rich Kidd's music in between proclaiming Toronto the "hip-hop capital of the world."

While it's hard to pigeon-hole the sound of this versatile producer, "Hypnotic," from his latest free mixtape We On Some Rich Kidd Sh*t Vol. 3, showcases the fact that Rich Kidd is not lacking any swagger on the mic either before he passes it to Smash Brovaz' Junia T. While it possesses plenty of club-ready bounce and style, the track's cavernous bass, violin strains and off-kilter beat steer it well clear of formulaic mediocrity. You are now getting sleepy.

Download "Hypnotic" by Rich Kidd featuring Junia T here.

Download Rich Kidd's We On Some Rich Kidd Sh*t Vol. 3 mixtape here.