Revealed: "The 40 Most Controversial Album Covers of the 2000s"

Revealed: 'The 40 Most Controversial Album Covers of the 2000s'
Our comrades over at Gigwise have recently published their list of the 40 most controversial album covers of the 2000s. And because we are music lovers - and because we love lists - we raced over there to check it out as fast as we could. It's an entertaining read with some predictable entries and some pretty out-there covers.

The list ranges from the straight-up weird to the really dull. The most shocking revelation to come out of it all was the reminder that there was not one but two bands that actually had albums coming out right around 9/11 that depicted, before the events happened, the Twin Towers on fire or being blown up (we're looking at you, Dream Theatre and the Coup).

Elsewhere, there is, predictably, a ton of extreme metal and gangsta rap, two genres that obviously love their controversy.

Of course, there are multiple Slayer discs and one-time shock rocker Marilyn Manson shows up looking relatively tepid, but, hey, they both have be there. But for our money, head here to see the most disturbing album cover on the list. Yeesh!