Red Red Meat's Bunny Gets Paid To Get Deluxe Reissue

Red Red Meat's <i>Bunny Gets Paid</i> To Get Deluxe Reissue
It's rather fitting that only a few short months after Sub Pop coaxed the long-dormant Red Red Meat into reuniting for its 20th anniversary, the label is now reissuing the band's finest piece of work, Bunny Gets Paid.

On March 24, Sub Pop will deluxify this much-loved 1995 effort by the proto-Califone outfit, remastering and expanding the 11-track original with the help of the Chicago band. Along with some fancy-schmancy new artwork, Bunny Gets Paid: Deluxe Edition features a remastered version of the album done by Red Red Meat's Brian Deck and comes sporting a whole new second disc of bonus material, which includes demo and single versions of album tracks, B-sides, covers and the previously unreleased song from the Bunny Gets Paid era, "St. Anthony's Jawbone."

While Red Red Meat never officially broke up, they haven't really played together in a proper band capacity since 1997, only emerging now and again for the odd one-off show, such as at the Sub Pop birthday bash in Seattle this summer. In fact, strangely enough, the Tim Rutili-led project again has some live performances lined up for this year's SXSW, which goes down in Austin from March 18 to 22. There's no word yet though if Red Red Meat plan to take their live show on the road for a tour, or if they will ever enter the studio again to record an album of new material.

But even if they do neither, the wee bit of reissue activity should be more than enough to tide fans over for at least a little while.

Here is the tracklisting for Bunny Gets Paid: Deluxe Edition:

Disc 1:
1. "Carpet of Horses"
2. "Chain Chain Chain"
3. "Rosewood, Stax, Votlz + Glitter"
4. "Buttered"
5. "Gauze"
6. "Idiot Son"
7. "Variations on Nadia's Theme"
8. "Oxtail"
9. "Sad Cadillac"
10. "Taxidermy Blues in Reverse"
11. "There's Always Tomorrow"

Disc 2:
1. "Chain Chain Chain" (4-track demo)
2. "Idiot Son" (single version)
3. "Words"
4. "Mouse-ish (dub mix)
5. "Carpet of Horses (Cleversly version)
6. "St. Anthony's Jawbone
7. "Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You)"

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