Red Blooded Women "Colour Me Dirty"

Red Blooded Women 'Colour Me Dirty'
While bubblegum/Euro/dance pop written and produced by old, fat Swedish men has certainly improved and evolved over the last few years, thanks to producers like Richard X, there's still a lot of puppeteering involved in the manufactured music industry.

Enter Red Blooded Women, a DIY trio of gals (Candy, Carly and Liz) that make the music they love - pristine dance floor pop calculated to perfection - without all of the svengalis and faux artistry. And they want it to be known: "Just because we’re a girl group, a pop group as it were, we didn’t see why we couldn’t do something a little different, music that was a little bit awkward and edgy," they say in their bio.

Even better is knowing they haven't sought the magic production of bigwigs, and instead, took the cheap, logical and innovative approach of recruiting upstart producers via MySpace.

Okay, so being unsigned might pose a problem when they heavily sample a memorable new wave cut like Yaz's "Don't Go" for their tune "Colour Me Dirty," but this song is so banging they are set to make that mint needed to use it. Much like how Rihanna's "S.O.S" sought "inspiration" from Soft Cell's "Tainted Love" and Sugababes' "Freak Like Me" employed Gary Numan/Tubeway Army's "Are Friends Electric?" Red Blooded Women dust off the retro classic and make it their own with editing precision and a tour-de-force chorus that is so deliciously Girls Aloud it feels almost plagiaristic - and I mean that in the most flattering way possible.

If anything these Women are the archetype that I hope many young ladies follow. Because if they can pull all of this off with a major label calling the shots then maybe, just maybe, we can get more of this talent making quality music for the mainstream to suffocate.