Real Estate "No Other One" (Weezer cover ft. Rivers Cuomo) (live video)

Real Estate 'No Other One' (Weezer cover ft. Rivers Cuomo) (live video)
For a bunch of guys who were young in the '90s, it doesn't get much cooler than this: last night (November 18), New Jersey janglers Real Estate played a Red Bull-sponsored gig at Los Angeles' Belasco Theater, where they were joined on stage by Rivers Cuomo. They played a version of Weezer's "No Other One."

Cuomo came out with his red Gibson SG and sung lead on a version of Weezer's Pinkerton classic "No Other One." The arrangement was faithful to the raw emotionality of the original, and while the audio quality of the footage isn't quite perfect, it's possible to make out just a hint of Real Estate's signature jangle amidst the climactic power-pop.

Watch it below [via Revolt].