Kinks Legend ​Ray Davies Explores 'Americana' with the Jayhawks on New LP

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Jan 23, 2017

Ray Davies may have ushered in the British Invasion alongside his brother Dave in the Kinks, but the recently knighted rock legend looked across the Atlantic for the inspiration behind his latest solo album. Titled Americana, the record is due out on April 21 via Legacy Recordings.
Fans may recognize the title as one shared by Davies's previously released memoir, which detailed the Kinks' early days touring the United States and getting blacklisted by the American Musicians Union — so it only makes sense that the new LP draws heavily from those same experiences. There are even a few passages of spoken word readings from Americana the book included on the album.
The full album was co-produced by Guy Massey and John Jackson at the Kinks' Konk studio in London, and features the Jayhawks as Davies's backing band.

The first single to be shared from the upcoming release is "Poetry," which hears Davies pondering, "Where is the poetry?" in a world engulfed by consumerism.
Scroll past the tracklisting to Americana and hit play to give it a listen [via NPR].
1. Americana
2. The Deal
3. Poetry
4. Message From The Road
5. A Place In Your Heart
6. The Mystery Room
7. Silent Movie
8. Rock 'N' Roll Cowboys
9. Change For Change
10. The Man Upstairs
11. I've Heard That Beat Before
12. A Long Drive Home To Tarzana
13. The Great Highway
14. The Invaders
15. Wings Of Fantasy


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