Rainer + Grimm "Do It Right" (video)

Rainer + Grimm 'Do It Right' (video)
Toronto house duo Rainer + Grimm released their latest album Talk to Me last year, then followed it up with Do It Right – The Remixes. The title single from the remix compilation has just been paired with a new video, and Exclaim! is giving you the first look at it.
The track itself was written rather quickly, proving to be a successful collaboration with Sam Avant and Simon Blitzer of Beach Season.
"People always say don't rush art and for the most part I agree but every once in a while a song comes and writes itself in a couple hours," Rainer + Grimm tell Exclaim! "Everything came together very quickly and organically. The whole experience was a lot of fun for all of us, from the original to the remixes by Generik, Fabich and Hybrid Minds, the entire project worked out the way we wanted to."
As for the accompanying video, it was shot in Vancouver by director Michael Parenteau — though keen observers will see the duo's Torontonian roots peeking through.
"Our previous video was shot in the states so we were happy to have this one capture a part of the country we were born and raised in," they added. "There is even a nod to our hometown Toronto if you look closely!"
Despite the beautiful roadside scenery, busy nightlife, scenes from a dance studio and the hectic environment of a restaurant kitchen that reflect the west coast city, a Blue Jays hat gives away where their true loyalties lie.
Watch the clip for "Do It Right" in the player below.