Rain Over St. Ambrose Unveil 'Still Waking Up' LP

Rain Over St. Ambrose Unveil 'Still Waking Up' LP
A few years back, we wrote that Rain Over St. Ambrose played "true Canadian music." This spring, the Nova Scotia band will continue to do Canada proud with their sophomore full-length.

The album is called Still Waking Up, and it's due out on June 16. It was recorded by Diego Medina at the Old Confidence Lodge in Riverport, NS. Production was handled by Tim D'Eon (of Wintersleep) and mixing was done by Tony Doogan (Mogwai, Belle and Sebastian).

A press release promises a big-sounding rock album, and describes it as "[reverberating] with anthemic singalongs, swampy fuzzed-out riff rock and swirling synths."

For a taste of this, scroll down past the tracklist to hear the spaciously swelling cut "Broken Love" at the bottom of this page. It features backing vocals from Jennah Barry.

Still Waking Up:

1. 29 Takes
2. Broken Love
3. Petty Thief
4. 1x1
5. Wasted Days
6. Death of a Salesman
7. Still Waking Up
8. We Play the Night
9. Un Orage
10. Talk Talk Talk