Rage Against The Machine "Killing in the Name (Mr. Oizo Remix)"

Rage Against The Machine 'Killing in the Name (Mr. Oizo Remix)'
As significant as Rage Against the Machine were when their debut album dropped in 1992, it's funny how every time I hear them now all I can think of is the jocks at my school dance smashing into each other in the amateurish circle pit they built. Especially "Killing in the Name." By witnessing the "greatest show on earth" the other night (by that I mean a Daft Punk concert), I couldn't help but notice the same kind of reaction when SebastiAn dropped this Mr. Oizo remix into his DJ set. It was like high school all over again: the jocks pumped their fists, screamed their lungs out and even started pushing each other a bit, while everyone else kind of took in the nostalgia. It was a little funny seeing some faces go blank once they noticed it was in fact a remix, not the actual song. All in all, Oizo's version is very simple yet so effective. He keeps the original structure of the song for most of it, tweaking the vocals and the volume, and of course, he smudges his French electro signature throughout like it's a number two pencil. Both rousing and hilarious at the same time, this has widespread appeal.