Radius and Helena "Astronaut" (video)

Radius and Helena 'Astronaut' (video)
Arty Toronto outfit Radius and Helena previously previewed a song from their new album FANGS for Exclaim! TV and also shared a few studio cuts, and now they've unveiled a video for the track "Astronaut" ahead of the disc's June 18 release.

The clip was made by the band's co-frontman Christopher Felske, who also plays the starring role. The song is a dreamy, nocturnal rock number, while the video sets a mellow mood as Felske goes on a sunset drive. As darkness descends, however, he gets his car jacked by a mysterious figure who illuminates FANGS' title.

Radius and Helena will perform tonight at 2 a.m. EDT at Toronto's Monarch Tavern for NXNE.