​Radiohead Continue Teasing 20th Anniversary of 'OK Computer' with Cryptic Video

BY Sarah MurphyPublished May 1, 2017

Radiohead have established themselves as masters of mystery when it comes to announcing anything and everything that they do, and the latest campaign stirring up fan interest seems to be hinting at 20th anniversary plans for OK Computer.
Last week, a series of posters featuring OK Computer-era artwork and the lyrics to "Fitter Happier" surfaced around the world, and now the group have unveiled a cryptic new video teaser.
The glitched-out visuals are accompanied by narration from a young girl, reading the lyrics to "Climbing Up the Walls." Amongst the text that can be made out on screen are phrases like "Program: radiohead," "0 OK, 0:1" and "1 REM."
May 21 marks 20 years since OK Computer's original release. The band have yet to announce any formal commemorative plans, but fans can continue sleuthing out what might be on the way by watching the new video trailer below.


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