Rachel Sermanni "Black Current" on Exclaim! TV

Rachel Sermanni 'Black Current' on Exclaim! TV
Rachel Sermanni is a Scottish singer-songwriter who is currently using the power of her angelic voice to make a name for herself in the indie folk scene. Sermanni recently graced our office, where she met up with us to film an exclusive Exclaim! TV session of "Black Current" from her similarly-titled 2012 EP, Black Currents.

Playing her acoustic guitar like an angel would a harp, Sermanni strums chord after chord, creating a heavenly conversation between her and her instrument. Sermanni's bold personality is beautifully demonstrated during this performance. Never shying away from the intimidation of her audience, she flirts with the camera ever so subtly, only breaking her concentration from her guitar to glance straight into the lens.

Unfortunately, Sermanni doesn't have any upcoming shows in North America. Therefore, to experience and enjoy her divine talent, watching this Exclaim! TV session is an absolute must.

Check out "Black Current" in the player below.

Filmed and Audio by Roberto Granados-Ocon
Edited by Bradley Zorgdrager