Ra Ra Riot "Beta Love" (video)

Ra Ra Riot 'Beta Love' (video)
Ra Ra Riot's "Beta Love" sounds like it was tailor-made for dancing, so it's no surprise to find that the song's music video shows some partiers doing just that.

The retro-looking clip shows some folks shimmying for the camera in grainy VHS quality. Over the course of these three minutes, you're bound to lose count of the polo shirts, corny poses and indoor sunglasses.

A press release reads, "Are you wearing a skinny leather tie with shorts? Is your collar properly turned up with lanyard secured sunglasses? Or are you simply wearing them at night? Watch feather haired cheerleaders, bandana sporting rockers and Hawaiian shirted new wavers get way way down as they dance the night away in euphoric bliss under a suburban disco ball in Ra Ra Riot's new "Beta Love" video. It's the best party you've never been to. Or is it?"

Beta Love is out now through Arts & Crafts.