Queen's Brian May Contracts COVID-19

"It has been a truly horrible few days, but I'm OK"

Photo: @brianmayforreal

BY Allie GregoryPublished Dec 20, 2021

As new cases of the Omicron variant surge in the UK and globally, Queen's Brian May has confirmed that he has received the "dreaded double red line" — a positive COVID test.

"Yep. The shocking day finally came for me. The dreaded double red line," May wrote in an Instagram post. "And yes – definitely NO sympathy please – it has been a truly horrible few days, but I'm OK."

He continued: "I'm assuming the battle inside my body is still in progress. It also feels like it — that dry wheezy cough has returned today, and there is a kind of fountain of irritation on one side of my sinuses. I also keep falling asleep — not in a peaceful kind of way, but in a 'I can't keep my eyes open another second' kind of way."

Despite his diagnosis, the 74-year-old guitarist remains in good spirits, though urged his followers to "keep the caution going — masks, social distance, common sense — and only go to a gathering in an enclosed space if you are really sure the risk is worth it."

The musician has been largely critical of "fruitcake" anti-vaxxers — as well as Boris Johnson — during the pandemic, even going as far as to suggest in early 2020 that we could have avoided the pandemic if everyone were vegan.

In 2020, May also ran into some other health problems, tearing his glute muscles after a bout of "over-enthusiastic gardening" and later suffering a heart attack in an unrelated incident. 

See his announcement below.

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