Queen Omega "Footsteps"

Queen Omega 'Footsteps'
TRACK OF THE DAY: Though dancehall clashes continue to dominate the international press coverage of Jamaica's music, roots reggae is still going strong not only in its homeland, but around the world. Many other nations have long made good reggae, and a forthcoming compilation, Joyful Noise (on I Grade Records out of St. Croix, Virgin Islands), is proof.

This collection brings together four riddims, with five versions apiece. The production is split between the U.S. and VI, while the vocalists originate from Jamaica, Guyana, the U.S. and even Sweden(!). It's a true United Nations of reggae, but very indicative of the talent that exists worldwide at the end of this decade. Key contributors are Luton Fyah, Jahdan Blakkamoore, and the Nazarenes.

Queen Omega represents Trinidad's huge roots reggae scene. With "Footsteps," she versions the "Discipline" rhythm. The horn lines, which recall some of Aswad's greatest moments, are the highlight of the organic-sounding music, while Omega delivers a soulful performance overtop.

Joyful Noise will be released on January 10, 2010.

Listen to "Footsteps" by Queen Omega here.