Quasi Reveal 'Mole City' Album, Premiere New Song

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Jul 8, 2013

Portland-based duo Quasi are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year by delivering a new album titled Mole City. The record arrives October 1 in North America through Kill Rock Stars on CD and double-LP, but will be issued by Domino overseas.

The 24-song set follows 2010's American Gong and brings the band back down to its core duo of drummer Janet Weiss (Sleater-Kinney, Wild Flag) and guitarist/keyboardist Sam Coomes (Elliott Smith, Heatmiser) following a stretch with bassist Joanna Bolme. Not much has been revealed about the creation of the song cycle just yet, but you can sample fuzzed-out new tune "You Can Stay But You Got To Go" over on Pitchfork, and check out snippets from the rest of the set in the especially random, cut-and-paste-style album trailer down below.

Pre-orders for the set are already being taken over here and will come with a three-song CD-R of Quasi "covering three of their favourite songs!" While you can order the CD or double-LP editions on their own, you can also buy pre-order packages that come with a zine documenting Quasi's 20 years as a band, a T-shirt, and the promise of getting a voice mail message from the band members sometime in the future.

Mole City:

1. *

2. You Can Stay But You Got to Go

3. See You on Mars

4. Blasted

5. Chrome Duck

6. Chumps of Chance

7. Fat Fanny Land

8. Nostalgia Kills

9. R.I.P.

10. Headshrinker

11. Bedbug Town

12. The Goat

13. Geraldine

14. Loopy

15. Double Deuce

16. Gnot

17. Dust of the Sun

18. Mole City

19. An Ice Cube in the Sun

20. One and Done

21. The Dying Man

22. Clap Trap

23. New Western Way

24. Beyond the Return of the Sun of Nowhere

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