The Quaildogs "The World Still Looks the Same"

The Quaildogs 'The World Still Looks the Same'
Atlanta alt-country revivalists the Quaildogs harken back to the genre's heyday with their jangly, freewheeling rock'n'roll tunes. The comrades have fine-tuned their twang with a trio of EPs and are preparing to release their first full-length album The Getting Old Factory later this month.
The collection was recorded intermittently at Atlanta's Glow in the Dark Studios back in 2014, and the obstacles that arose during the process are reflected in the album's primary theme. "The idea that if you're a well-intentioned, hard-working person, you can make good in this world doesn't necessarily exist anymore," multi-instrumentalist member Michael Barnhart explains in a statement.
Indeed it took a collective work ethic hell-bent on success to "make good" with the project, but the band now consider The Getting Old Factory their greatest triumph.
The LP's leading track, "The World Still Looks the Same," exemplifies the sweat and spirit that was invested in the project; it hears frontman Rob Joseph's weary crooning uplifted by violin and thunderous rhythms, before the country rock'n'rollers raise the tune to its victorious outro.
Exclaim! has the premiere of the enlivening track, and you can listen to it in the player below before The Getting Old Factory arrives in full on September 15. The album can be pre-ordered here.