Public Animal "Careful" (video)

Public Animal 'Careful' (video)
Ian Blurton has moved on from Change of Heart, Blurtonia and C'mon to focus on his latest rock quartet Public Animal. The group dropped their debut 7-inch in 2013 and followed it up with their debut album Habitat Animal last year. They've just revisited that release to create a video for the song "Careful."

The clip was animated by Ian Jeans, a long-running artist who has worked on shows as diverse as Beavis & Butthead and The Raccoons. Here, he interprets the song with magic pickles, rainbow barf and egg-shaped cartoon versions of the band's lineup.

Watch our premiere of the video for "Careful" below. The band also have a handful of tour dates, available below.

Tour dates:

04/17 Ottawa, ON - House of TARG
04/18 Montreal, QC - Barfly
04/24 Toronto, ON - Virgin Mod Club