PS I Love You Explain Meaning Behind Band/Album Name

PS I Love You Explain Meaning Behind Band/Album Name
With their debut full-length coming up fast, the buzz surrounding Kingston, ON two-piece PS I Love You has only intensified. Exclaim! recently got in touch with the band's Paul Saulnier to chat about the new album, Meet Me at the Muster Station, wherein the singer shed some light on the meanings behind both his band's moniker and the title of their forthcoming LP.

"The muster station is the place on a boat where you go to get into the lifeboats if it's sinking," Saulnier explains. "There's an island off of Kingston called Wolfe Island, and it's really pretty, so I used to go there all the time [when I was younger]. The muster station is near the front of the boat, where you can get a good view of the city. That's where I always hang out."

Saulnier also explained the meaning behind his band name, which rings curiously emo for a band so heavy on the reverb and garage guitar heroics.

"It's based on a name from some friends of mine in Kingston. My initials are P.S. - Paul Saulnier - so it's kind of a joke because I was known for being a sappy guy, so PS I Love You was a funny thing to call me, I guess. I thought it would work as a solo performing name, and it caught on with people, so I kept it, even after becoming a duo."

Of course, Saulnier also realizes the name's new context. "That movie really annoys me, though," he adds.

As for future plans, Saulnier also admitted that he and drummer Benjamin Nelson are "already thinking about the next album."

In Saulnier's words: "We have one [song] that's completely finished that we play live sometimes, but then there are five others that I've been working on and I've been showing to Benjamin one by one. Usually the way it works is I'll write a guitar riff with words and show it to Ben, then he'll make up a drumbeat and we work it out from there. We just started the new album process, though."

Let's not get ahead of ourselves, though. Meet Me at the Muster Station will drop October 5 courtesy of Paper Bag Records, and the band might be coming through your town soon on their current North American tour.