The Prodigy "Nasty" (video)

The Prodigy 'Nasty' (video)
Things are about to get "Nasty," with veteran electronic act the Prodigy having given their previously teased single of the same name an urban warfare-styled video pitting man against beast. The animated clip features the alarmingly adorable cover star of the band's upcoming The Day Is My Enemy in a battle of wills with some local hunters, and you can see it down below.

Early on, our furry hero spends his time roaming city streets before slipping under a fence and trying to say hello to a little girl inside her home. This sets off her father, who proceeds to drum up a posse, some horses and whole hell of a lot of shotguns to chase the fox around town. The final showdown turns about to be a transformative affair.

The Day Is My Enemy lands March 30 through Take Me to the Hospital/Cooking Vinyl.

If you're interested, you can learn a little more about the real-life battle between the people of London and their red-furred counterparts over here.