Pro Era "Give Her a Call" (ft. Dirty Sanchez, Dyemond Lewis, Dessy Hinds)

Pro Era 'Give Her a Call' (ft. Dirty Sanchez, Dyemond Lewis, Dessy Hinds)
The Pro Era's steady stream of previews ahead of their new Valentine's Day freelease The Secc$ Tape 2 has gifted fans another goodie, this time a simmering sex jam from Dirty Sanchez, Dyemond Lewis and Dessy Hinds called "Give Her a Call."

Despite the laid-back feel of the film noir-styled soundtrack, meshing a beat with jazz piano and oozing organs, Sanchez rifles out his gravelly bars all turnt up. In addition to his verses about being a dickhead (in this case, turning it into a plus), we also have Beast Coast bud Dyemond Lewis talking up his game to another girl, while Dessy Hinds closes things out contemplating what to do after a one- or two-night stand.

You can stream or download the Pro Era's latest jam down below. The Secc$ Tape 2 is due to drop this Friday (February 14)